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Island Excavating has been in business on Orcas Island since 1970. Privately owned for 30 years, in 2001 the business was sold to the employees and restructured as an ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership Program. Employees receive full benefits, and stock in the company as a retirement plan. Island Excavating employees are professionals; most of them employed over twenty years with the company. They are the proud owners and invested caretakers of this evolving enterprise. These strong relationships have extended far into the community and Island Excavating takes deep pride in the fact that our company provides financial and in-kind support to numerous community projects and organizations.

Our operating income is reinvested in our employees, the community, and the continued improvement of the company. The wealth of our combined experiences in the field is invaluable when it comes to understanding what it takes to get the job done, any job, large or small. After careful research, evaluation, and much discussion, the employees vote to purchase and maintain what they think will be the best equipment for the work they have been accomplishing for their entire careers. These decisions have resulted in reduced downtime and increased professionalism. Island Excavating is prepared for all manner of situations and can cleanly and efficiently solve problems and finish jobs to an astonishing degree. Our staff, our equipment, and our bids reflect our thoroughness.

These islands are our home and this company is our livelihood. We work hard to preserve the integrity of the landscape while we develop and improve the infrastructure. We thank you for considering Island Excavating for your project.


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